The New Nation - Sudan

Building a new country and a new nation in South Sudan..

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Creating a new newspaper from ideas and ambitions through to full production of the first issue is one of the most exciting challenges in the world of journalism.

And that is exactly what David Billington was asked to do for the new nation of Southern Sudan which was granted independence from North Sudan in 2011.

Funded by the European Union and led by Belgian journalist Els de Temmerman, David Billington and his team set about creating a new newspaper based on the fresh start this troubled area of the world had endured.

But this was no ordinary venture into newspapers, this was a building block for Southern Sudan. Even the newspaper’s office had to be built after land was purchased. Juba was the chosen site.

The newspaper reflects the new found freedom of this exciting new country and embraces the optimism, hopes and ambitions of the people and their chosen politicians.

Working at the UK offices of Billington Design Associates with frequent visits to both Sudan and Brussels, the team gradually established a framework, blueprint and finally dummy issues of the The New Nation newspaper.

Billington was also required to create a website for the new paper and this can be found on

We wish the The New Nation, Editor in Chief, journalists and the new country of Southern Sudan all the very best for their futures and in the knowledge that Billington Design Associates will be on hand to help and guide them whenever we are called upon.