Nairobi Star

In 2005 David Billington Associates were contacted by the owners of Nairobi's two most successful radio stations, Kiss FM and Classic FM and briefed on their plan to start a new newspaper for Kenya's capital. We worked for a year researching, developing and creating dummies to take to the market. Billington and a team of London based designers created a new concept for this part of the world.

The result was the birth of the Nairobi Star which was launched on July 3rd 2007. The huge promotional programme was fully supported by the Kenyan public and the newspaper has been hailed as a great success, with the design being especially commended by both readers and the business community.

David Billington Associates provided not only the original design but also a full range of templates for the designers to follow. The company now retains David Billington as Consultant Creative Director on a permanent basis. He also lectures on design and periodically reviews the paper giving advice to the young and very talented staff.