The Mail on Sunday

The UK's Associated newspapers decided to start a Sunday sister version of the highly successful Daily Mail. Under the Editorship of Bernard Shrimsley and Sir David English a very talented and inspirational editorial team was assembled. David Billington and John Butterworth were the two executives in charge of design. Billington had been approached at the News of the World, the western world's largest selling Sunday newspaper.

The Mail on Sunday utilised not only the strengths of the daily paper but also devised new designs for presenting columns, news and features and sport. It achieved a healthy readership very quickly and has gone from strength to strength over the past twenty years.

The design was particularly innovative and made use of big quality pictures, including a purely photographic display page, analysis spreads which were widely copied by other publications and etched byline drawings instead of picture bylines. This latter style can be seen in many publications today.

The design of the sports reports and results set new trends in newspaper design and Billington used much of his magazine experience in the typography of these pages. A very clever TV programmes page divided up the day into periods with large clocks instead of simply running programmes in columns. It was the first time anything had been seen like this in the UK and has been widely copied by both newspapers and magazines.

* Images taken of recent The Mail On Sunday issues.