Portfolio of our Clients

David Billington Associates has created design work for not only newspapers and magazines but also for corporate clients. British Airways, National Coaches, Watford Football Club and KEB Cellular are among a host of successful partnerships with our company.

Billington Associates & David Billington's work has included...

  • Design & creation of several magazines, publications and all corporate identity for The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth and St Johns Hospice (London, UK)
  • Design of The New Nation (Sudan)
  • Design of Sydney Sun Herald (Australia)
  • Design of The Mail on Sunday (UK)
  • Design of The Istanbul Star (Turkey)
  • Design of The Sunday Vision (Uganda)
  • Design of Hello Magazine's 7 Days (UK)
  • Design of The New Vision (Uganda)
  • Design of Sky Television for News International (UK)
  • Design of Interface for The Times of London (UK)
  • Design of The Trinidad & Tobago Daily Express (Caribbean)
  • Design & Launch of the Nairobi Star
  • Design of The Times Saturday Weekend
  • Design of Tabloid Sunday Express Newspaper (UK)
  • Design of Alpha & Focus for the Worldwide Alpha Religious Course

A final note...

The above demonstrates a widely varied and successful selection from our portfolio of clients. There are many, many more.

A redesign need not be an expensive route to increased circulation, advertising and readership. A preliminary meeting to explore possibilities costs nothing and could be one of the best time investments you make this year.