Flair: For Her

Billington Design Associates were contacted in the summer of 2007 and briefed on an intended new entry into the East African market: a Women's Magazine.

We were asked to handle much of the initial concept and launch. Consequently we suggested over a hundred titles and Flair For Her was decided upon. We then produced a 100 page dummy which went before the editorial team. Most of the editorial ideas also came from Billington Design. After many brain storming sessions the dummy was accepted and improved. Working closely with locally appointed Editor, Keturah Kamugasa, we set about producing the first issue. Working from our UK bases in Cobham and London we put together the design from commissioned material sent over from Kampala.

The result you can see above and was successfully launched in February, 2008. Flair is a glossy, up market magazine for the woman of today...be it a professional or a housewife, there is something for everyone.