Daily Express

The Trinidad & Tobago Daily Express competes in a fierce market, particularly with two rival groups.

Stuart Higgins Communications were contracted to revamp and relaunch the newspaper with a completely new design.

Stuart concentrated mainly on the editorial writers and reporters and sub editors while Billington worked with the designers and editorial team to revamp the design.

The result was an outstanding success and the newspaper now completely outstrips rivals and prints to capacity each and every day...nearly 100,000 print run.

SHC & DBA also came up with many marketing ideas. They introduced anti-crime armbands free for every reader. This resulted in readers queuing round the building and for hundreds of yards along the main road outside the Daily Express offices... the newspaper sold out by 10am on the morning of relaunch.

Billington retains Trinidad & Tobago Daily Express as one of his many clients and oversees training of sub editors and designers and works with the newspaper staff on improving skills and approach to editing.