"During my time as Editor of the Sunday Express David worked as my design and lay-out editor. I relied heavily on his extraordinary talent and always found him understanding and co-operative - frequently improving on suggestions I would make."

Robin Esser
Executive Editor of the Daily Mail, UK.

"David Billington is one of the most perceptive and brilliant newspaper and magazine artists of his generation.

He is adaptable, proactive and most of all a pleasure to work with."

Phil Hall
Editor of the News of the World, Hello Magazine and Editorial Director of Trinity Mirror.
He now runs his own PR agency Phil Hall Associates.

"David Billington is a fabulous newspaper designer because he tailors his output to the demands of the client, rather than imposing his own aesthetic sense on the client. He has excellent design skills but, as a former journalist and editor, he can also assist in creating the architecture, special features and content of new or relaunched newspapers which is a very valuable additional service.

Redesign can be very controversial with existing staff who want to remain in their comfort zone but David's hardworking but easygoing personality normally eliminates this element of confrontation.

I worked for 10 years with David on the design of New Vision, Uganda's leading newspaper, and then in 2007 we launched the Nairobi Star as Kenya's first full colour daily newspaper. It was widely agreed in Kenya that the design of the Nairobi Star was outstanding and superior to its competitors."

William Pike
CEO Nairobi Star
Former Editor in Chief of the New Vision Corporation, Uganda


"After years of struggling with the design of the Daily Express we struck gold in David Billington. I worked closely with David and Stuart Higgins on the redesign and revamp of the Daily Express making the paper much more stylish and easier to read.
The reward was an immediate rise in readership.

David also undertook design training with our team of sub editors who rose to the occasion under his watchful eye. David not only produced a complete dummy of the paper but then worked successfully with the staff to implement the design.

Today, the Daily Express continues to be the number one newspaper in the fiercely competitive Trinidad and Tobago market of daily newspapers and David has been the driving force in achieving this.

I will not hesitate to recommend him to any newspaper looking for someone with talent to leave readers breathless and begging for more."

Omatie Lyder
Managing Editor, Trinidad Express